Truth Hertz: The God of the jews and Gentiles (2-1-21)

Charlie talks about the teachings of Paul and how jews and gentiles were supposed to become one in Christ Jesus, and how if people want to be “real Christians” then they should be meeting in synagogues. He also talks about a number of quotes outside of the Bible.

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Brent Hensley
3 years ago

Charlie,I would like to get your book(whats wrong with the bible)how do I go about it? Brent Hensley.

3 years ago

Behold, a prophecy!

3 years ago

10mins20secs “So many Christians today claim they want to go back to their roots […] Well, if you really wanted to do that, you would have to buy yourself a yarmulke and show up at temple this week.” Truth. This is one of the more hotly contested areas in White Nationalism the last couple decades, among purported White Nationalists. There are two camps. First, those who are pro-White yet cling to their Jewish spinoff sect then do loop-de-loops in their heads trying to iron out the obvious internal inconsistencies involved in trying to save Whites from Jewish clandestine plots, wars, and White genocide while simultaneously kneeling to a Jewish god, a Jewish saviour and a collection of stories that revolve around the Jews, not to… Read more »

Mary Allen
Reply to  Augur Mayson
3 years ago

What a breathe of fresh air you are Charlie, I wasted 4 years of my life on the BUY BULL (shit) , look foward to listening to more

2 years ago

Hey Charlie! I hope that you’re getting better concerning your vision issues. Sorry to hear that, it must suck. Anyways, I’ve been listening to you since about 2017. I love a lot of what you expose. I do enjoy your rants about the bible. I’ve had the exact same thoughts with all the yahweh baby killing passages and david killing uriah then stealing his wife then yahweh taking it out on the baby, etc and so forth. But I do disagree with your take on luke 21:24 where Jesus said ” And jerusalem will be trampled by gentiles until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled”. You were saying that while Jesus was wanting the roman armies to overthrow the jewish leadership, Jesus when he… Read more »

1 year ago

Love Charles’ dedication to exposing the bible /religion psyop.

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