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6 years ago

This was like the Batman and Batman of truth. Would like to see this become a monthly or bimonthly show.

6 years ago
6 years ago

The plastic stuff in Chicken McNuggets is probably PDMS, or polydimethylsilane. It’s a really sticky polymer that’s also found in silly putty.

Allison MacPherson
6 years ago

I agee with the female caller regarding Jan Irvin. I have been grateful for the Irvin & Joe Atwill reveals about the MKUltra & the psy-op of the 60’s, as well as his promotion of the Trivium, the classical system of logic created by the ancient Greeks. I also am grateful for some of his quests such as Hans Utter. But recently Jan Irvin apparently has gone off the deep end and is promoting the New Testament as the system in which we should based family dynamics. One commenter remarked that the bible is nonsense and Jan Irvin verbally attacked him, I was appalled. Maybe he has had some kind of break down. He asserted the New Testament came before the Torah (Old Testament). I… Read more »

Allison MacPherson
6 years ago

Thanks for the information! good job.

6 years ago

You have got to check out “Caesars Messiah”..

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