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7 years ago

Wow, the part about writing, I remember reading an article about gypsies and how they deliberately do not teach their children to write, because they say it destroys memory!… Very interesting. That is why they do not send them to school. I am convinced that school actually ruined me, more than it did educate or improve me. Everything, when you look at it, is geared to externalising and weakening our inherent faculties, and to train them out. This is the same as Transhumanism: the externalisation of self development and overcoming into technology which OF COURSE, is there to be controlled, therefore to control us. I believe this to the degree that we should be developing psychic and kinetic skills, which, and this is an assumption:… Read more »

7 years ago

Another excellent listen.

Leila Abdelmeguid
7 years ago

Absolutely fascinating show! Thank you.

7 years ago

excellent show Charlie. and i hope you had an awesome weekend

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