Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed: Jimmy X (5-20-16)


After some technical difficulties, Shaun and JimmyX (of RadioX) speak on a great many things, such as Donald Trump potentially being president of the United States. They also discuss feminism and the plight that it is upon the world.

Note: you will hear William Lurther Pierce at the start of this show, as a filler.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Another great effort Shaun. Like Kyle last week, thank you for all the on-off air hours you devote to our people and fight.
I love interviews like this. It just reinforces Renegade’s ethos: no to jews and no to degeneracy. Simplicity, clarity and truth!
All the bending, twisting, nuancing just shines a spotlight on people/ groups and perhaps, their different ( paid ) agenda.
I mean no offence to your guest/friend who has been in this struggle a lot longer than myself.

7 years ago

Another ‘yeah but’ guest who is just dumb enough to play their game.
“look at the numbers” blah blah….
As if any of this trumpism is real from the dis info machine that brings you the latest issue of boiling frog divide and conquer bs. It never ends guys. Good an ya to try with the those that cant get it for one reason or another who throw up the lets agree to disagree I get a pass jive again Shawn. Fools and tools playing politics as if the lesser of two evils is all we cattle should expect. Rengade stand alone again, as the rest shuffle and dance aroud the real issues with political bs and the rest.

Reply to  jsmith
7 years ago

I think some people suffer cognitive dissonance worse than others. They 1) lack the capacity to be okay with saying “I don’t know”, or, “I can’t see a solution”; 2) can not see outside of the established frame work, which reinforces #1; 3) have strong emotional ties to their “concrete” way of thinking and refuse to allow “loose ended” intuitive means of appraising things to over ride their concrete manner of thinking. These people obviously must be sussed out from agents, but when they are they must be consistently and gently reminded of other solutions. They can come around, but it will not be through forceful persuasion, unless at the end of a gun, and that’s not how we want to handle allies, but it… Read more »

Angus Robinson
7 years ago

I don’t know who this Jimmy X character is, but i don’t like him. He sounds like a jew and constantly pushes for shills like Anglin, Trump and Alt Kike. People need to be careful who they listen – white nationalism is plagued with more shills like any other political ring. Jews know where the danger lies and act accordingly.

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