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8 years ago

I enjoy listening to you guys, you guys are spot on with a lot of the things you discuss with the exception of 9 11. Whichever one of you thinks those buildings were brought down with ‘ mini nukes’ is completely wrong. Those buildings were brought down in a standard controlled demolition. The mistake you’ve made is the mistake most people make when trying to reconcile the events of that day, you assume what we saw on TV that day was reality. It wasn’t. Most if not all of what we watched on TV was filmed prior to that morning using actors and CGI effects. It was presented to us as live TV by a complicit mainstream media. In order to understand what really happened… Read more »

Lady Cat
Reply to  Jack
3 years ago

This ! You said it perfectly ! This is a 4 years old show, as I’m going through all of C.G.s broadcast from the beginning. I haven’t listened to his last show yet because well 😔 So for now I’m just restarting, where else, but at the beginning. Now I have C.Gs wisdom, wit, voice and humor to ponder with and keep me company, in my few personal hours I get of alone time, So there’s that .. but for any one who may stumble on this above comment He is spot on Along with the fact I’ve seen those buildings And No plane is bringing them down . And the only way they can be brought down is the way they were designed From… Read more »

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