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7 years ago

Recently on air, when Kyle called in, Charles told him that he does not listen to other Renegade radio shows, so I don’t know oif he read the comments here, but I do want to say that he had me shouting in anger, during this particular outstanding show., with great caller statements. The more I know about the religionists’ mindset, the tax system, corporate personhood, and our servitude, the angrier I get; A few years ago in my city, at one Catholic church, while giving a sermon, a fill-in priest, whose sexual abuse of some of its members’ boys, hurting them very much, which had been publicized and the priest transferred, stated that the congregation should accept and help the outcasts, those who are ‘different’,… Read more »

Reply to  listerine
7 years ago

Charles doesn’t listen to Renegade or any other shows. He also does not read any comments. If you have anything to say to him, feel free to email him at He loves hearing from his listeners and always responds to emails.

Reply to  Moose
7 years ago

Thanks, Moose. Anybody is welcome to read my comment. Btw, he does not always respond to emails.

7 years ago

Be warned by just one random experience from the UK:

Anyone who buys into internet chitchat about sovereign citizen, freeman ON the land, America is a corporation that entered into bankruptcy, your birth certificate is a tradeable security etc etc IS A FUCKING RETARD WHO DESERVES EVEYTHING THEY GET. Consider this a Darwinian process to sieve out the subnormals.

I’ve warned you before about not being taken in by this crap.

There! You’ve now got plenty of material for a new shoah! Except I wouldn’t bother.

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