Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-22-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about his day out with the kids, becoming a bloody degenerate looking day indeed. Family fun, in family public, showing it’s ugly face. He is then joined by Keith, to talk about Silver Remedy. A great discussion indeed for those looking for alternative healing on so many levels.

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7 years ago

Its same race mixing cuples
They all need show deganad ways!!

7 years ago

Shaun, check out this game. LOL
(((The Shivah)))

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

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7 years ago

Just used my colloidal silver spray made by Nature’s Splendor, and read on the bottle that the silver is 50ppm. I should take it daily, per Doctor Carley’s generic advice, and this show reminded me I am so sorry to learn that you, Shaun, suffer from asthma, and need to use a Nebalizer, and that that could cause you to suffer a heart attack, and I am eager to hear back from Keith whether he has decided that colloidal silver can give you relief. The fifteen year old daughter of a nurse that I was talking to at a YMCA swimming pool, died from asthma. Dr. Carley even puts it in the water, for her pets, which, like me, she does not allow vaccinations;. Like… Read more »

Reply to  listerine
7 years ago

Hi Listerine. Thanks for the comment man. Yeah the holiday we have here are what you would call “Spring Break” I think. The kids are having their end of term two weeks off. We had more fun riding our bicycles than we did going to the city. What a cesspool it is!

Glad you’re enjoying the show.

7 years ago

When my redhead fair skinned son was about 7 months old he got 2nd degree burns from being out in the sun. Huge half dollar sized blisters on his cheek and top of his chubby little hand. The nurse at the pediatricians office slipped me a small vial containing about an ounce of Silvadene cream to put on his burns. It healed them like a miracle in 24-48 hours. Later I asked her where I could get more and she said it’s not available to the public. She took me aside and whispered that she wasn’t allowed to share it in the first place.

Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

I meant to add that he did not even have any scarring after he healed. That was a huge surprise to me as I had been expecting some scars due to the seriousness of the burns.

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