Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (3-3-16)


Tonight Shaun speaks about jewish abbo’s and white abbo’s in general. Getting out and enjoying nature. Becoming one with it again throughout this discourse. Looking to the stars whilst fishing, Huckleberry Finn style. Blue beam and more as usual.

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8 years ago

Your accents are so bad they are hilarious, Shaun!!! 🙂 Gage imo aspires to be a Dicky Spencer. His latest two vids are all the evidence anyone needs of this. Like some sort of serial killer cleaning up after the fact, Gage is rushing around deleting his own vids from U Tube. Primarily all the vids in which he speaks against Jews. Then on his latest vid he really “jumps the shark”. He proposes that instead of calling Jews Jews that we call them “elites”. Wow. Such a new angle. Then he goes on to say that most Jews are really victims since they have been themselves lied to. Poor Jews. Must be tough. He then suggests that all ya need do is fight the… Read more »

8 years ago

I love all of your shows but this one was pure gold 🙂

8 years ago

It was my comment, Shaun. Here bro, read this. I am certain that like me you would feel social work did not act fast enough to remove the child. Now she’s dead. ** The youngster was declared dead at 5pm at Burton’s Queen’s Hospital where the couple told doctors Ayeeshia had suffered a seizure. But Mr Hotten said a post-mortem examination revealed she had suffered a fatal wound to her heart and had three broken ribs. He added: ‘The likely mechanism was a forceful stamp to her chest as she lay down.’ Neighbour Tracey Roberts told the jury she frequently heard arguing and loud noises coming from the couple’s flat in Burton-on-Trent. She said: ‘I heard what sounded like an argument, and screaming, then I… Read more »

Reply to  Fashyeyebrows
8 years ago

Yeah I have no doubt that there are real cases out there Fashy, but the majority of these cases Western Civilised wide are not. They are all based on bullcrap and the kids are pretty much kidnapped from their parents. One particular gentleman almost had his kids taken from him after he had been arrested for the possession of Marijuana. When they couldn’t win their kidnapping case, they tried accusing him of being a drug dealer. It didn’t work of course, because there was only a quarter found on the premises. What they often do when they can’t win a case that never should have been in the first place, is play dirty. Many of these people that work in child care are mentally unstable… Read more »

Reply to  Shaun Surplus
8 years ago

Sure, I fully accept that there are going to be cases of injustice. It’s just a tricky one because there really are children out there who are at risk of sexual abuse and even death if they are not removed. I’d personally hate to be in a job that needed to make that call, wouldn’t you? It would be a lose/lose. If you remove them too soon then you get condemned. If you don’t do it fast enough then you get condemned. To be honest bro I’m not sure what the solution is. Maybe it needs a top to bottom reform. At all times the safety of the child should be the priority. In cases where a child is removed then it goes without saying… Read more »

Jake Island North
8 years ago

Renegade , I have not recieved your latest show , March 4 . If I may use this space to respond to Angelos comments …,white race ( IQ of 30 ) cannot build or have seriously contributed to ” civilization ” in linear time . ( paraphrasing ) . Angelo , you really need to INTENSELY re-evaluate the WHITE RACE PROCLIVITIES , especially the past . It was the White Race that had inherently ” opened the doors ” in not only constructing particular ” civilizations ” but also their ” contribution” in the maximus of ” affiliating ” their creations into worthy and prosperous ” gender ” in consequential order and passage . Simply put , White Race has done more for this earthly… Read more »

8 years ago

WTF. CG has a great voice, the heavy Italian speechsoundonymns (or what the correct language technical term is for that). His delivery and emphasis is not just entertaining but adds to the subject presentation, like the 6mil number series.

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