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8 years ago

Charles – have you heard of this new jewish invention called Baha’i ?'%C3%AD_Faith

Look at its Social principles – I laughed my ass off.
And – where is its headquarters? In Israel, but of course.

8 years ago

You are going to be very surprised when you take your last breath on your deathbed and realize the truth and were you are going.

Reply to  mark
8 years ago

Sounds like exactly the same fear porn the mainstream media uses everyday to me…

8 years ago

Charles, What is your take on William Finck and C.I. Material that the Ancient Israelites were Caucasians that became Europeans later on after the exile etc (regardless if you take a secular or supernatural view). Bill Finck does a great job correlating Secular history with the Bible which shows that the so-called Israelite’s of the old testament were not Jews.

Reply to  renegade
8 years ago

I’d like to see CG debate the “Ancient Chronicle, Philological, and Archaeological proofs of the Israelite/European theory. Not whether or not a certain passage of scripture means what it means i.e. translational argument. Of all the criticism of Christian Identity; I have never heard ONE person discredit the theories surrounding the Ancient Chronicle, Philological and Archaeological arguments.

Reply to  Mike
8 years ago

I believe Charles interviewed William Finck once back when he was on the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting network:

Unfortunately, those ‘archived’ mp3 files are not archived.

Reply to  Mike
8 years ago

I found the program on William’s web site: “On Wednesday June 1st at 8:00 AM William Finck was a guest on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Giuliani. Here is the podcast. After program thought, which I did not have time to address: Attempting to bring other races into our White culture and belief system is exactly what caused the downfall of Egypt, Babylon, Parthia and Rome. It is exactly the reason why the West is in such a state of turmoil and decay today, and it is and has been the plan of Satan (the jews) all along to get us to do that very thing! Yes, Charles, Truth does hurt – and you don’t even realize how badly. Note, June 24th, 2011: It… Read more »

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