Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-14-16)

lee and grant

Tonight Shaun discusses how hard it is to get by, even for those with full-time jobs and a few family members working. He also speaks about taking chances to meet people of like mind, in order to join in on Beattie Boy get-togethers. Also, some of the talking points between Jeanice and Graham Hart are discussed. And much more as usual on TCTA.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

“Just ‘chicken’ hout ya show mutha fker – ma foot locker waz shud so KFC waz da nexg bes thin.” So so funny – is it on every black’s ‘bucket’ list i wonder? Bellissimo show Shaun – lot’s of good info as usual. Great advice on camping. I went on a camp/ canoeing weekend once. 48hrs were like 48 days, in a good way – as if time became extended. TV and gadgets decrease time i think. I would love to be around a camp fire one day with all you Renegade people. Bonding: we know they don’t want that special bond between white couples – heck, they even mutilate and destroy their own boys to further the tribe’s world domination agenda – absolute psychos… Read more »

Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

Shaun, I would strongly suggest that you get rid of the microwave. I got rid of mine years ago and haven’t missed it at all. I replaced it with a toaster oven. Sure it takes a little longer to heat food but it doesn’t destroy the nutrient value in the process. Something to consider.

Reply to  Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

After the show, I decided I was going to do just that Karen. Most of my cooking is not done in the mic anyway. I use it for reheating, which in itself was rare. So I thought, since I ain’t using it much anyway, I am sure I can reheat a stew in a pot on the gas. And now that you’ve said it as well, it seals the deal. I’m just a bit ashamed I haven’t done it sooner, because I have spent so many years, preaching to others both on the show and off about the dangers of these devices.

Cheers for listening mate.


7 years ago

Yes, there are man many people that DO NOT want to hear it. I was working with a bunch of salt of the Earth guys, and they are solid locked in the narrative. They rationalise the story to fit in with their way of thinking and will defend it at any cost. It is LALALALALA indeed, and even anger when I try to slip in the possibility that it is not what it seems. I think it is best to test to see how people respond and not waste time with the ones who are entombed in their “safe” and fluffy worldview. They are a lost cause and will die deflecting the truth.

7 years ago

Race Realism
Definition: It’s the simple fact that a Nike store in a highly dense African populated area in US has the equal probability of being looted as one in South Africa.

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

We have to rig up a fake nike clearance store round the corner from a BLM rally! That will do much more to scupper their agenda than any counter protest would, and they would be mugging themselves off by their spacko behaviour. We have to play dirty. jew-dirty and be creative. Fight fire with water, not fire.

Reply to  Skylgarir
7 years ago

Some professional quality window stickers with “All lives matter” on, stuck onto jewish owned businesses, then tweeted to BLM.

Reply to  Daniel
7 years ago

Oh my oh my, that is superb. Assymetric warfare at its best.

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