VeGAINator: Time to make Haiti Great… Again (11-25-17)

This show is about Haitians, the “enrichment” and “vibrancy” that Haitians are bring to white lands, and critiquing the recent news reports about deporting Haitians that were granted a protected “temporary” citizenship since “Haitians deserve better” and that Haiti is not ready for Haitians to return. Kyle calls in. Video version here.

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6 years ago

“When comparing the Celt experience of the Jew/ Moslem slave trade to the Negro experience there is a difference of 823 years for Celts to 246 years for Negroes. Celts spent 687 years longer than Negroes being preyed on by the Jew/ Moslem slave traders. Negroes began with a population of 80,000 in the United States and have grown to 37,000,000. All of the Celts who were forced into slavery by the Jew/Moslem slave trade who used Negro Moslems as slave masters, have no descendants, they are for all purposes dead”. Muzraelis: In 1492, the Ottoman Empire Welcomed all Yewish Refuse into their most wealthy areas after they were expelled with their Moorish Brothers from Spain. (the term “Muzraeli” is an adaptation taken from the… Read more »

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

And the niggers are the “minority” in some way I cannot comprehend. The sewer races are the fucking majority, but again another tactic to brownwash the issue. Incidentally ever noticed that in the future everyone is White, when in reality we know the exact opposite is true, look at scifi movies over the years, no shitfloods.

6 years ago

Show was an absolute banger! 1488 / 10

6 years ago

The event in Haiti wasn’t reeealy a disaster, was it?… Well at least not for me 😉

6 years ago

I like VeGAINator on Renegade.

6 years ago

Good point about how they literally risk their lives to enter our white homelands illegally so if we are so terrible why are they trying to enter?
It reminds me of a situation during the 70’s, 80’s in South Africa, remember this was the “terrible apartheid state” that the ((media)) in the west kept telling us was so evil and racist.
The blacks from neighboring countries were literally being killed on electric border fences by the hundreds trying to enter South Africa the white run country where they could find work, food from white farmers and live like human beings fully clothed and shod.
I suppose they just wanted to generously give white South Africans their diversity and vibrancy that they lacked.

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