Renegade Roundtable: Frequency Warfare (11-24-17)

Kyle speaks to Steven, Frank, Rollie, and Chris. Topics include: current events and scandals, the purge of political dissidents, the 5G rollout and what to do about it, all the other ways we are being screwed, and how much more of it we are apparently willing to take.

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6 years ago

My, my……Frank surely is a good little goy slave. He feeds the cats and makes sure he follows all his jew masters’ laws to the T.

6 years ago
6 years ago

(Terrible) Tom (the) Wheeler (Dealer) FCC Chairman on 5G. This creature is beyond insane. Yahweh surely has a massive hard-on for this piece of filth.

6 years ago

Tiz interesting to think about what my .870 shotty could do to one of those 5G antennas loaded with double O on full choke. Hehe.

Reply to  stevowisco
6 years ago

The 5G network is NOT coming. I repeat: the 5G network is NOT coming. It’s here NOW! (Check out the chipped tooth faggot mayor at the 16:35 mark. I’m sorry, but if we can’t defeat these worthless douchebags, then we deserve all the hell we get.)–U&lc=z22zitgpbwqwyvhxn04t1aokgm1obu0okqedl0dsu4knbk0h00410.1511676697271597

6 years ago

Listening to your show with some cheap buds in my ears as I have been for the last few years ,oh dear .
Thanks for the heads up on the tubez Kyle .
Just had to nicely decline a smart meter the other day but hopefully the dog keeps em out next time .

Chris H
Reply to  Reboot
6 years ago

@Reboot. Some people still have real dogs.

Drake D
6 years ago

I need to learn more about 5G. I always wanted to learn more about electronics and now they have Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, and ESP32 or ESP8266 microcontroller modules for various prices under $40 to a little under $10. The programs are written in C and Python or a menu driven IDE for Arduino. You can make a router run on batteries and fit in your hand. Above that SDR chips like software defined radio with “time divided signals” are really exciting. Those are possible because of SoC or “system on chip” where “field programmable gate arrays” are electronic components you place on the chip with software. The electronic hardware is software defined. All of it is mail order and relatively cheap. Technology is getting away… Read more »

6 years ago

By the way if you want to shield 5G then need to use some of their 5G shielding material –
It is good to use not only for EMF protection but also for data security.

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