Wardo Rants: US and ISRAEL – Russian Vassal States – Khazarian Khaganate (6-27-17)

Eddy talks about the history of Mongolian invasions of Europe and how the genocidal terror is celebrated, how the Khazarian kingdom ties in, and how the modern khans of today have their eyes set on swallowing up the whole world if they won’t be stopped, including Trump and his ties to the judeo-russian mafia.

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6 years ago

Fiction writer Zog Bot Arthur Koestler wrote the Khazar Kingdom fiction in the 70’s ..

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

There is plenty of historical information on the Khazar Kingdom .. all one has to do is do a little digging .. as big of ass holes that they were they had dealings with plenty Arabs, Aryans, Turks and the lot

Michael Luna
Reply to  wardo rants
6 years ago

“There is plenty of historical information on the Khazar Kingdom” Could you point us to some? It’s quite trivial so write something down that didn’t actually happen. Or likewise change/twist the names based on accurate history. Khazar = Khan + Czar. You might be familiar with the idea that the Mongol Empire never existed and was actually a history of the Russian tribes. Unlike the the Jewish Koestler’s Khazarian fiction, there is substantial reason to believe that was the case. So Khan and Czar would have both been terms used by the Russians. Is it starting to make sense how a cunning hooknose could use Russian history and dream up a fake Jewish empire hundreds of years in the past? The Jews never had their… Read more »

Reply to  Michael Luna
6 years ago

Well said, Koestler’s story always bothered me. It helped spawn the whole ” these are good chews, but those are bad chews” story again playing the victims.

Reply to  Richard
6 years ago

Not meaning to be condescending to Wardo, but I could simply say it was the Bolshieviks who Murdered and Plundered Russia, not some fictitious Jackie Chan/ Ghengis Khan Asiatic Super Hero Bogie-man. Bare in mind that the same Bolsheviks also conditioned the Puppet Mao and grossly Exaggerated his brilliance in order to change the Psyche of the Chinese Population at large, and that prior to the Modernization of their Military in order to combat the Japs, they were rather a peaceful people who lived simple lives. “This “Khazar Jewry” hypothesis seems to first appear, being peddled round Tel Aviv universities, in the 1940′s, and most of the theorizing behind it comes from misunderstanding and then some fairly deliberate misrepresentation. According to the Cossack Dictionary and… Read more »

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

Think you will find they are Kurdish nomads/bandits. Then like now they joined what ever group offers plunder. Plus all the cult/traits of the “Jews”

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

anyone that has a bit of sense and has actually looked into this history knows that this happened for one around 700 years earlier than the Bolshevik revolution .. you might look into how the Kieven Rus fought the Khazars and not long after they got wooped severly by the Khan

6 years ago

Thanks for your work, Eddy.
Did you have a chance to listen to Kyle’s latest Solar Storm show with Jan Irvin? If so, what’s your take on it since the topic is also history.

Reply to  Yrton
6 years ago

I’ll give it a listen when I get a minute .. thanks

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