Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – Aryan Emperium Awakens (6-28-17)

Host Chris. Topics include:
Awakening of White Aryan people to a true recognition of themselves
Red Pill Neurosis vs The Aryan Dream .. From Goy to Yog
NS: National Socialism, Natural Solutionism, Strength Through Joy
The New Mythos, The Aryan Age, The 3rd Path, Will Of The Aryan Nation
Ubernation: Europe — Subnations: Celtica, Germania, Nordica, Slava
Purity Of Blood, Breeding, Gorsleben, Admixtures, The New “Human Race”
The Culture Bringers, Ancient Aryans, Aryan Spirit, The 4th Reich
How much of “Asian” culture may be remnants of White Aryan culture
Subverted truths and movements
The veil of perception and deception
An analysis on what it means to be “European” and race identity
Jewish Empires, Slavery and the Irish
Clarity of message and proper context
True movements vs watered down White Movements. Embracing true NS
Aryan Spiritual Order and Culture. Reglorification
Everything in its right place
Moving forward the dialectic and smashing the Overton Window
RH- blood, Aryan Supremacy, Jewish Elite, Reptilian Narrative

Aryan Emperium Part 3 (could also be considered The New Mythos Part 2)

AE Part 1 http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/never-defiant-proud-ancient-aryan-emperium-7-8-16/
AE Part 2 http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/wildcard-never-defiant-proud-new-mythos-11-30-16/

music following show:
Stahlgewitter – Immer noch im Dunkeln
Arkona – In My Land
Sturmwehr – Vaterland
Actus – Riding The Tiger
The Mythos of the Blood

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6 years ago

A new Mythos, Religion of the Blood or, understanding the old ? These are just my thoughts based on what I know so far about the Symbolism: In refutation to Khazar Fiction, really a stolen identity: “…The root word of (Crimean) Cossack is “kaz” or “guz” and it translates as “white goose” or “white swan” both famous symbols of European folks particularly the Germanic people, there are many similarities between the Russian Cossacks and the Germanic warrior orders, and none them have anything to do with Western Jewry. Jews are just not known for conquering land on horseback! The word “Russian” from Ross can be etymologically shown to mean ‘people of horses, riders’. Similarities can be seen in the culture and dress of the Prussians… Read more »

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

jews are not known for conquering on any noble or sexy basis. Their method is through money, through the most slimy cowardly and embarrassing way possible. Effective it is I might add, because no race really is that fundamentally disgusting and deplorable, and so devoid of anything aesthetically bearable that it escapes their conscious comprehension. We are at war, make no mistake, this is the way the jew does war: through money and legality: all mind hijacks and perception tricks.

6 years ago

i just discovered arkona a couple days ago. they’re amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaP1wDvkA6E

6 years ago

The Rus.were tall with fair and ruddy complexion. They spoke old slavonic which is very close to bulgarian and ukrainian. The cossacks or zaporozian where great warriors who protected the land from turks and tatars. Overall there is a strong nordic element in the eastern slavs. Perun was the same as Odin for the germanic peoples .

Reply to  Vasgard
6 years ago

Here’s four short Vids about Slavic Origins, a channel that doesn’t seem to be active: https://www.youtube.com/user/BROTHERHOODSLAVIC/featured

6 years ago

Chris’s podcasts about Ancient Aryans are simply amazing!! Every Aryan should listen to them, first of all our Children!

Chris H
Reply to  Marc
6 years ago

Thank you, but I feel I it is the time to stop now. We need other voices. My only intention was to add my voice at this time and be of service, but now I feel I should be doing something else. All the best to all at Renegade. Chris

Reply to  Chris H
6 years ago

Well, I hope you will be back soon! BTW, where can we listen to your older podcasts?? They were really nice!

Chris H
Reply to  Marc
6 years ago

aww! thanks! your messages raise my spirits Marc. I do not have the time to give my message credit right now. Others are doing good work in the sphere I am currently interested in, so I am just letting them run with it right now. http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/?s=never+so+defiant+and+proud maybe this link helps you. I must look after myself so I can do more good in the future. I may do a show or 2 with a friend at some point, but more for a relaxed chat. As for me doing my own show.. I need to let it go so I can grow right now. Stepping back can be a great thing to find yourself further and have a better more rounded message.

6 years ago

Awesome show. This is what I listen to when I work out now. Thank you!

6 years ago

Thank you for putting together the series Chris. Nourishing food for thought. I am looking for information on the origins of the German people. I had thought they came from Ancient Rome based on AH’s appreciation of roman architectural style but maybe I’m mistaken? Can anyone help?

Chris H
Reply to  Jmcaul
6 years ago

Roma = Amor[e] (love) backwards. maybe that helps?

6 years ago

Great show. Superb listening, very Aryan vibe and super lean content. There is much implanted that is not ours. Hit all nails on the head. History for the most part is just hearsay from textbooks, and the ed-jewcation system institution. So many false leads, designed to stymie and deflect. It is actually simpler than we are taught (on purpose).

6 years ago

Both pills, are the same. Red v Blue right there again. What I would like to know is what would have happened if Neo refused both? Was the purpose to get him to take a pill and stay in the simulation because he was figuring out that it was all BS? Was it all to get him to stay in the system by promising him that he is “the one” when he is just another faceless “one” among many, cuffing a hamster wheel.

Bill Hendrickson
6 years ago

Where’s the rest of this goy’s podcasts? This is superb White Nationalist audio. Please provide a link or otherwise direct me to them. Thanks!

Foster XL
Reply to  Bill Hendrickson
6 years ago

Here’s a link. Chris only ever did Wildcard slots so you’ll have to wade back through the list here to find his individual shows. Now please stop using disgusting jew words to describe our people – it’s very demeaning!

Elad Yanga
6 years ago

These Aryan trilogy shows from Chris are amazing. There are some things that seem surreal to me or I disagree with, but overall, these shows have awakening me from slumber. I look forward to more of these shows.

6 years ago

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