Wildcard: Bill – Breaking Down the Racial Realities (6-7-17)

Bill presents and analyzes the data regarding the real racial differences in crime, imprisonment, economics, welfare, scholarships, cognition, and more. He considers not only America, but also Brazil and South Africa.

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7 years ago

They’re just lumping ‘Arabs’ and jews with ‘Whites’..

Reply to  Alex
7 years ago

(((They))) bring them* (non-whites) in and then (((they))) encourage us to mongrelize with them* as they* bum off the system and bring ruin to our nations. All one need to do is study the history of Africa to understand the future. Blacks have never created advanced society’s. Obviously its not within their genetic makeup. Thusly blacks will bring with them their “natural” state of existence. When left to their own devices cities built by whites, but under the occupation of blacks, will fall into disarray and dilapidate under misstatement. Void of any central authority (often facilitated by whites) the Blacks will resort to their tribal ways forming gangs, or chiefdoms as they did in Africa. Inevitably they will once again return to the natural state… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Another good show Bill. Wow – those stats are damning. I just wished people would wake up and start protesting against these criminal acts against White folk.

The jews have got the perfect product in blacks, and increasingly the mexican pop (muslims in UK). Make lots of money filling their private prisons, with max damage caused to Whites when roaming free. jewish 2 for 1 as usual.

PS Fancy telling those two black trannies to “peace off!” Not very nice lol. They only wanted to “know the way to San Jose.”

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Think about everyone involved in the prisons system. The contractors, operation and logistics. There’s big money in crime “prevention”. They fleece the public purse and make a pretty penny doing it.

7 years ago

Good show Bill. Came to my attention that the disgusting criminal organization known as the DEA cut the quota for prescription opiates by THIRTY percent for the year in this country. Also, apparently, Canada last year legalized prescription heroin. So now, connect the dots! When all the stories of heroin “ravaging” America start cropping up more, just remember that it’s been manufactured to do just that: to make people in pain suffer, to force them to the streets, to arrest and incarcerate them, all the while lining corporate/jewish/shabbos goy filth (and I do mean filth) pockets in the name of “fighting “”drugs.””” Don’t you dare fall for it people!

Reply to  Titus
7 years ago

If it wasn’t for the non-white elements of white society’s than what excuse would there be for the rapid militarization of our police force? Blacks have been a major boon in that respect. Without the fear of an existential threat what excuse could the system have for creating the police-state in an otherwise safe homogenous white society? Yes, “terrorism” has played a large role in this agenda but without the violent history of Blacks and “Latinos” I’m not sure it would have been as easy to justify its creation. The militarization of the US police started in the civil rights after the Watts riot in 1965.

Reply to  Bill
7 years ago

I Completely agree. Unfortunately the police themselves, as a whole (of course there are exceptions), are so utterly corrupt and on the take that it’s a vicious spiral with many different poisons all being mixed into one volatile, disgusting system of violence, corruption, public pilfering, and degeneracy. Great job too btw in backing your statements with hard facts, I like that.

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