Wildcard: Bobby Fischer vs. International Jewry (10-20-17)

Kyle plays some clips from Bobby’s later years concerning the jewish problem, then plays a show from Texe Marrs about the chess master, reads about Boris Spassky’s “anti-Semitism”, and then plays Bobby’s press conference in Iceland after being released from Japanese prison. Note: Bobby was adamant that he was not actually jewish, though his mother claimed otherwise.

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Tony E
6 years ago

Thank you for presenting this show, I was a tournament chess player in the 60’s And 70’s and a big bobby Fischer fan at the time not knowing what he felt about the jews.at first I bought into the jew narrative that he had gone crazy but deep down it sounded odd. It all makes sense now.

Reply to  Hipster
6 years ago

Dad connected with Frank Church, if dad, hmmm, also with The Black Door, a globalist group…

Reply to  Hipster
6 years ago
Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Thank you for spending your Friday evening putting together this last minute show Kyle. You can sense the deviousness and outrage in that ESPN rat-reporter’s questioning. He had to keep the “insane” theme going, even though everything that was said was truth. Did Mr Fischer’s genius intellect make him that very very rare exception, (if he was indeed jewish), an honourable human being? Either way, i think they got to him in the end – probably mossad.

PS Those Fischer quotes were marvellous. Trouble is, how has Texe managed to stay on the jew-waves so long with all that anti speak? Jewsus-praise-the-lord, it’s a ministry miracle!

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Bobby probably was thinking “go f—k yourself” when that reporter said that. I know I was thinking it! Too bad he wasn’t prepared to retort “oh so in addition to being a journalist I see you’re also a licensed psychiatrist!”

6 years ago

I have always loved this game from my youth. I played tournaments in the 90’s. But I have to say the most fun l had was playing Blitz in the parks of DC. For those who don’t know what “Fischer Chess” or “Random Chess” is; it’s where you shuffle the first row of pieces. This means you are competing solely based on your understanding of strategy and tactics. Memorizing openings is useless. It also makes it very difficult to fix the games ahead of time. Thank you Kyle for letting me hear him in context. Before I only heard pieces of this interview.

6 years ago

Wonderful show/compilation. If this doesn’t prove beyond a doubt that it’s not ALL Jews, I don’t know what does. Important lesson here, even if the compromised percentage is upward of 95%. And Bobby said that he isn’t and never was a Jew, but the “It flows from the mother” dogma is perpetually pinned on him. Certainly a martyr for the cause. Thanks, Kyle, was hoping for a closing commentary from you, but time ran out. Was especially interested in what you could point out about Texxe’s coverage, since you had mentioned that there were a few things that were off. I know he comes from Christian perspective, so maybe that was it. One last thing… If there is any kind of afterlife, I’d sure like… Read more »

6 years ago

I believe I heard in one of the interviews with Fischer just after leaving or about to leave Japan that the Japanese had placed him in a prison next to a contaminated nuclear facility and the inmates said that everyone gets significant exposure to radiation . he believed it was intentional that he was placed for a substantial times to radiation exposure. I assume it was at the behest of the US Jewish controllers. Japan like Germany still has an occupying force presence.

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