Renegade Roundtable: Battle of the Wills (10-21-17)

Kyle speaks with Bill, VeGAINator, Rollie, Tom, and Frank about a whole range of topics, such as: the will, Weinstein, gender issues, George Soros as the scape goat, prepping, and much more.

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6 years ago

Zimbabwe’s Robert Magabe has been made the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O) “Goodwill Ambassador”. Seen on Twitter.

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Educate yourself. Don’t be a tattooed thug, fashy faggot, or patriotarded plonker. Don’t worship degenerate jailbirds or even heavyweight intellectuals blaming everyone but jews!

All these leaders and groups are a jewish construct; a hollywood set, with you as the crisis “h’white supremacist” dummy taking centre stage! Be your own leader – a thinker then doer!

PS The new title graphics are great. Would it be possible to have that Hitler quote near the beautiful wolf on the homescreen? ai Kyle mk2 (in stores for xmas) would do that in no time. 14 shows, presses 400, mows the lawn, and i’ve heard his bread is even tastier – he never gets tired lol.

6 years ago

Fuck George Schwartz (Soros) and his dumb rags to billions story. Jews only help jews (or pretend to help brown people to further their goals), jews get seed money, interest free loans (look it up), and have connections everywhere. Soros is new money and just a middle man for the Rothschilds anyway.

Fuck ((Trump)) too,

and Fuck Greg Morelli and Hayley Geftman-Gold. Jews who both approved of the Las Vegas massacre

Doesn’t matter if you think it was real or not, It still shows their genocidal Jewish privilege and how much they hate you.

Reply to  Alex
6 years ago

Yes, the work and become rich fartfare is the same yarn as the “work hard and become a moovie star” shit line. It is only a lie to make it seem organic when it conceals the hermetically sealed nepotistic jewfest it all is.

It is all a club. Club Kike and you can only join the club if you are in it already. They print the money, they dish it out to their own. For us, we are not supposed to become rich that is just crap they feed you so that you keep slugging but you never get anywhere, and I believe there is more than ONLY jewish privilege at work.

6 years ago

great show; sleepy or no 🙂

6 years ago

Throw them in the furniss!

6 years ago

Listening to Frank defend the pedo David Lane was vomit inducing.

Reply to  Jalena
6 years ago

He was admiring the beauty of healthy young women from within his max security prison cell. Some of you are patently ridiculous.

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

The clip I saw on YT suggests he was saying he wanted to have nasty sex with them. That’s not at all what I got from his words. At any rate his intense admiration of some beautiful adolescent women while serving 100+ years in a max prison cell is irrelevant to negating his life’s work. He exalted, worshipped the beauty of the Aryan woman and had in effect sacrificed his life for the sake of his ideals. IF he would have been free to engage those women, I imagine him beholding their beauty as one does a wilderness photograph or a fine painting. I never got the sense he was a vile, abusive pervert like Weinstein.

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Have any of Weinstein’s victims sought any sort of Trauma Therapy ?
Do any or all of the Victims support Israel ?

Harry Ballson
6 years ago

The world needs Renegade!

The Dark Web and Tor Browser are excellent options to defeat the Globalist anti-Renegade agenda.

Also, the world needs a full length documentary on Mr. Whisker’s. This documentary should include his life from kitten to adult, food choices and testimonials from those who have known Mr. Whisker’s since he was a kitten. Sinead, Kyle or any of his neighborhood friends would be wise choices.

All hail Mr. Whisker’s!

6 years ago

re: Rollie There is an answer to your specific dietary wish/goal. You are lucky I am listening to this program because I am aware of a dietary mode that both permits plentiful satisfying food while simultaneously losing a lot o weight. It is not without need of self-discipline to change dietary mode but Nutritional Ketosis mode has an almost magical aspect, one that I think Dr. Atkins termed the metabolic advantage, I believe. The Ketogenic diet offers profound multifaceted health benefits and naturally reduces hunger by it’s very nature. The Atkins diet is initially a ketogenic diet which is a diet that has low carbohydrates -very low in the first two weeks of Atkins as very low carbs will fairly quickly transition one into a… Read more »

6 years ago

Damn that was a good show….wish I had called in. Love hearing from all the guys, but a feminine perspective would be great, guess I’d better be on the ball for next roundtable .

6 years ago

Great to hear the vegainator back on the waves .
Only positive things to say about you brother and one thing I will say is that your speaking much more fluently and clearly and you are a great tribute to your people .
Keep up the good work .

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