Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – Consumer Based Mind Control (1-16-18)

Guest Labour Unit spoke with Chris H for a pre-recorded wildcard show. Topics: How the higher you go in society the more of a slave you are (collar, cuffs and tie) – cities vs nature – bringing back old languages – mass culture – being in balance with nature – natural solutions – artificial progress, controlled opposition – social cohesion – finding the peace to create – not compromising to the system – and how system people will undermine free-thinkers


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6 years ago

Is that the advanced stage of a (((materialist))) culture, when its “art” comes from market testing? That’s why a lot of culture feels so false, it’s been reverse engineered from that merchant-mindset. I enjoyed the show Labour Unit and Chris Haytch. : )

6 years ago

Good topic Chris. Being compromised is something I have a great deal of personal experience with, just lifestyle and family wise. And take it from me, once you’ve dug yourself in, good luck digging yourself out without becoming further compromised. It then becomes an impossible situation. Often a choice between honor and dignity.

Chris H
Reply to  Scarlett
6 years ago

These conflictions and choices are created on purpose so that we get ourselves in a trap whereby almost any move we make is in some way the wrong decision.

6 years ago

Hey Chris, do you know where the name “Balaclava” comes from ? “Battle of Balaclava” Russia Crimea 1850’s. Look into that. 🙂

6 years ago

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