The Solar Storm: Thomas Goodrich – The Harvest of Hate at the End of WWII (4-1-18)

Kyle speaks with Thomas Goodrich about his new book Summer, 1945: Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate, which covers the horrific sadism unleashed upon defeated Germany and the almost defeated Japanese.

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Chris H
6 years ago

I think this is one of the most important shows ever on Renegade, perhaps even the best. Really powerful show.

Bob Bowen
6 years ago

I had ordered his new book yesterday, March 31st, I am looking forward to reading it. I bought both the book & DVD of “Hellstorm” from Kyle’s website when it first came out.

6 years ago

Exciting to hear how popular the site is in Germany, congratulations. Glad they are finding the truth, they deserve it. Sending love and prayers to any krauts reading this

pj sinatra
6 years ago

I could probably do this in a single tweet. I’ve asked around myself and I know who was over there after the war. Obviously when you delve into the The Morgenthau Plan, you’re going to get SUPREMELEY pissed off. They key element here is GENERAL PATTON got killed over there. I’ll leave you with 2 sources, what i’m interested in, is particularly the true story of the surrender. I heard they surrendered to the West, 6 million of the Germans sent on a train to Russia and only 5000 returned. I need sources or info for that, please post or send. Peaceful surrender and no war crimes against mercenaries is so pertinent these days, yet we got F’d. ==The other bad news is the book… Read more »

pj sinatra
6 years ago

When you debate a black person over military deaths: We didn’t get the opportunity because of racism. Sure, Ok, fine. They didn’t have the training, and they were pretty much regulated to pretty entry level stuff, like policing Germany. Look it up or debate a black person over white deaths in Vietnam. Take you pick.

6 years ago

Incredible show. Many people are unaware that Japan wanted to surrender before the bombs where dropped.

Wolf GT
6 years ago

What a great show! I felt as if I was parcipitating in something historic!! Can´t wait and expect it will have a very positive effect for Renegade as well

6 years ago

The most important take-away lesson from this show is that jews are too dangerously powerful and extremely cunning at instigating the torture and slaughter of millions amongst non-jews in all wars, revolutions and conflicts on conjured pretext in the past, present and into the future. The intelligent portion of the non-jewish world, those who are jew-aware of the deadly jewish menace must unite to fight as one against the JWO. We all really have no other choice if we are to survive. I am not referring to the dumb masses of the world of whatever race or color for they are all too stupid and mind-controlled to lift a finger in this struggle, and actually even worse, they would help the jewish side as useful… Read more »

6 years ago

great show

6 years ago

[…] The Solar Storm: Thomas Goodrich – The Harvest of Hate at the End of WWII (4-1-18) […]

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