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10 years ago

This is one Heathencore show. It took me a while to finish listening to it because this is the kind of show I like to listen to intently.

10 years ago

Dear Dana, Perhaps another more evocative image for this show could have been a caption from Rocky IV with Ivan Drago staring down Rocky! Half-joking on this because I do see that movie as a kind of anti-White propaganda connected with anti-Russian propaganda as if Communism and the Jewish created Soviet multi-racial Union was ever led by or composed of a truly Russian majority. But I think there always was and still is a lingering fear of what Yockey hoped for and frankly was overly optimistic about to the point of ignoring many basic facts in my opinion although I still think that he was basically right that already in the ’20’s the U.S. was worse off and far more degenerate than the Slavs under… Read more »

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