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10 years ago

The plain truth about Nick Griffin:

His usurpation of the great John Tyndall:

See “75 – PAUL HICKMAN” at my Talkshoe show (via “Bob in DC” above) or directly from here:

Nick Griffin is a race traitor very likely connected to Scottish Rite Freemasonty — his father is a force within it. The question Paul Hickman and I discussed is whether Jriffin changed his views mid-stream or had planned to destroy the BNP from the beginning.

Horus the Avenger apparently is unaware of these facts.


Reply to  Bob in DC
10 years ago

I couldn’t care less Nelson Mandela himself, returned from the grave to talk about White Genocide. So long as White Genocide was discussed.

Reply to  Bob in DC
10 years ago

Given that BNP got a million votes in last EU election and 500 000 votes in last general election, making BNP one of the biggest etnonationalist parties in Europe.. I’d say if Nick Griffin was planning to destroy BNP he sure hasn’t been very effective, espically given that BNPs votes have increased every year since he won the election and became the new leader of BNP.

Reply to  Fri
10 years ago

The Republican party in America also gets lots of votes.

10 years ago

@Bob in DC

What the hell does that have to do with the fact that the BNP is now on a consistent message?

10 years ago

Interesting proclamation from the nationalist revolutionaries in Ukraine: “From the National Revolution in Ukraine – to Newest Reconquista in Europe! Unfortunately the demoliberal politicum and much of the cultural environment for twenty years was convincing Ukrainians that they should integrate into the Euro-Atlantic structures. So that many of the Ukrainians actually believed that Ukraine should become a member of the EU. Therefore, the formal cause of the massive protests in Ukraine was the refusal of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych to sign an agreement with the EU. The Ukrainian nationalists are against association with the EU. Even though they supported the protests as an opportunity to begin the National Revolution. Last year, in the end of November, by the initiative of the nationalist movement “Tryzub,”… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Whenever I listen to Horus I get something like a power/energy injection straight into my brain. Good stuff. 😉

Hope part 5 will follow…

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