Renegade Roundtable: Shaun Hosts (12-12-15)


We’re not even going to go into detail about the different topics we discussed during this 5 hr Roundtable broadcast Ladies and Gents. But as a brief synopsis, we’re “racist” “anti-Semitic” “anti-government” and blah, blah fucking blah….

Kick back with your fave beverage and enjoy.

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Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Great pic Shaun. Its good to see what you look like. Hope the knee feels better.


Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Great show Shaun. As for disliking Whites, I cannot help but agree sometimes, as the vast majority of Whites are Üntermenschen, nothing more. Also, I have traveled throughout Asia, Oz and stayed in many a hostel, including Canada. One thing that always strikes me is the weakness of European men, and I am talking Europeans born and raised in Europe. Too many come across as incredibly weak and naive, as if they have no grasp on reality. German’s often seem backwards and childlike, as do many Scandinavian’s. You try and speak to them and it just blows your mind as to how retarded they come across. It really is laughable as they parrot complete nonsense or look at you with this childlike, backwards, naive and… Read more »

8 years ago

Hey Lawrence, thanks for the messages man. The picture above is not me. Albeit that bloke looks pretty rough, I look rougher. Ha! People liken me to a biker. I have the grey goatee and the bald happening and it’s the kind of rough that people don’t seem to want to mess with in a rowdy bar. But the funny thing is, it’s the people around me saying it’s rough. I just call it me. It’s how I am comfortable. I don’t need to look all kinds of handsome, as I am not out to impress anybody. I had a bloke say to me recently, “you must get lots of p*ssy in radio” and I said, “mate, I ain’t out to impress anybody and you… Read more »

William de Hewitt
8 years ago

Just started to listen to your Roundtable marathon, Shaun.
I like your attitude… “I’m a person that likes to be heard and not seen”
Me too!
When the time is right, I’ll show my face.
I used to have my image out there on FB and later regretted doing it.
Fortunately, ZuckerJew has deleted at least 6 of my FB pages which had my image on it and the images have all scrubbed from the internet… at least from what I can tell. (I’m not naive enough to think they don’t have them in their jew data base though)

Cheers, mate!

William de Hewitt
8 years ago

And… Good for you for standing up to that “bloke” (though I wouldn’t call him a bloke) who tried to grope a female and then bragged about it!
That kind of savage behavior coming from our fallen volk needs to be ridiculed and they need to be dealt with!
Thank You, for standing up like, acting like and being a noble White Aryan!

8 years ago

Cheers William. I’ll be explaining the whole situation on the next show. You’ll be amazed and impressed. Not just with what I had done, but with the way the cop handled it. Let’s just say, that he was no more impressed with this cretin, than I was.

Stay well.


St Albans
8 years ago

This was one of your best shows. You kept the panel under control with hard hitting, no bullshit information.

People really need to listen to this one.

Keep up the good work, Shaun.

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Nice pic and keep up the good work Shaun. I would send a pic but why spoil the mystery. Picture instead: 6’3″, 240 lbs (all muscle), blond hair, blue eyes, red beard and all Aryan. Essentially, the envy of every jew and non-White on the planet. LOL.


8 years ago

Right on Men! Stay the warrior! The world needs us.

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