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10 years ago

I think this was literally the best show I ever heard. So many laughs, lots of learning, good unity. Fucking PERFECT 14/88

10 years ago

This is the most clearest, colored footage of Uncle Adolf and the Third Reich. Very cool music video

10 years ago

This bit I just read about a band I have not followed up on for over 12 years was hilarious:
“Burdi [Founder of the band RaHoWa] was convicted of assault causing bodily harm in 1995 for kicking Alicia Reckzin, a former Anti-Racist Action member, in the face during a riot following a RaHoWa concert in Ottawa in 1993.[3] Burdi subsequently served a jail sentence and publicly renounced racism, while Reckzin has since become a racialist herself.”
You can’t make this stuff up folks! It really is that bizarre.

10 years ago

The most brutal fitness regime ever, whenever somebody on air says … do :

Jew/Jews/kike: 1 push up
Nigger/groid/blacks: 1 Squat
white/aryan: 1 sit up
nazi/hitler: 5 jumping jacks

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