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9 years ago

Who’s the twink in the picture (above) running with the fag flag? LOL

Filthy sexual deviants! F-you and your deviant, morally repugnant, same sex marriage!!

9 years ago

“When homosexuals come out of the closet and women go into politics, empires crumble. Or, to say that a way which more accurately reflects the cause-effect relationship, when empires begin to crumble, then the queers come out of the closet and women go into politics.”–Dr. William L. Pierce “One can see the same sort of progression in the matter of discrimination between homosexuals and heterosexuals. Ten years ago the anti-discrimination people offered a carefully limited view of what they wanted to achieve in ending discrimination involving homosexuals. They just wanted to get rid of the laws making homosexual activity illegal, they said. They just wanted homosexuals to be able to have their gay bars and their gay bath houses and to be able to kiss… Read more »

9 years ago

On the whole issue of drugs, there are those of us who have no choice due to serious health issues. You guys do seem to get the over all picture both pro and con with the decriminalization or criminalization of drugs. In my humble opinion the over use and abuse of drugs by those who either do not have a medical need or who go over board by “unwinding” by taking too much, too frequently, can be reduced by the establishment of other outlets for unwinding. Sports, mental games (chess, etc.), general socialization with light hearted topics, and the like are excellent, HEALTHY outlets. Any of these things can be pushed over a healthy limit as can be seen with obsession over professional sports, online… Read more »

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