Renegade Roundtable: Shaun Hosts (4-23-16)


Tonight Shaun speaks about Asylum seekers going unprocessed in Australia.  He also discusses how White Students in Australia dare to congregate to their own and refuse to accept multiracialism.  Tony, Andrew, Patrick and Wayne later join the show to discuss a great many things.

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7 years ago

“He also discusses how White Students in Australia dare to congregate to their own and refuse to accept multiracialism.”

That’s very encouraging to hear. Keep up the great work, Shaun.

7 years ago

On the topic of this session, a bit of movie analysis, I had a thought about how the movie The Thing, the alien imitator is a jew and how they infiltrate, spread and then imitate their host and then become a copy of the host to take over others by deception… The Thing deceives the others into accepting it through appearing as the original until it then absorbs and assimilates the target. The computer did state that the objective was world domination!… I am taking movies as the coded info they drop for us, possibly some sort of covert message based on that if they show us their machinations they ‘get away with it’ on some spiritual dimension. The Thing has to be destroyed utterly,… Read more »

7 years ago

More spamtime. This social organisation is actually designed to nurture and keep people stupid and padded from their own initiative. They are safe from their own mistakes therefore they do not learn the ‘real way’ of nature, and therefore stay stupid. The more people are born into this reduced world the more they will be stupid. I think this is definitely deliberate, because then people will not learn the true way of living and be susceptible to the State. After all the State only wants servile people that have no idea, the others get herded into the police and military. People think less for themselves and rely on traffic signs and notices to tell them what, when and how to do. The less they think… Read more »

7 years ago

Sorry about this, I am commenting as I am listening along. The best part of RB is that you DO cover ALL topics of life, because they actually do tie together, and how this deception permeates all life. It is good and necessary to bring all aspects into this especially for further awakening even for just general food for thought. This would be the better equivalent of the health and lifestyle magazines/websites that give current events and health news about what is happening.

7 years ago

Here we go, coming to white countries too. Absolutely horrible.

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