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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

After the 1st charge was thrown out, rather than confront that numpty, couldn’t you have hired a national “no win, no fee” service, and sued Walmart for character assassination, humiliation and stress? How did they find those further 15 counts in the thousands of hours of cctv? Have they got facial recognition software in the entrances? Anyhow, they had zero evidence on you. Sorry to hear about your 30 day slammer stay – sounds horrendous! You have obviously upset boss Riddle. If they can convict an innocent man, and for the safety of your wife and children, i would move to another state. Hot foot it out of lodge, er i mean Dodge! PS Just thought, me being a bit ‘woo woo.’ Are they planning… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you for sharing your experience. This must have been deeply traumatic and I hope your intellect and humour will help you to cope with it over the time. It’s frightening to hear how fast life can change in such a way. I wish you and your family well. Your family may be in a way traumatized too. I would be seeing a loved one suffer that way. If you can perhaps you should take some vacation but perhaps being at home is best at first to find normality. It was a good and interesting show.

6 years ago

I did time before in prison boot camp there was a black dude with a GG Allin penis an he would dance around after showers to try an get us to laugh to get us into trouble he also talked about becoming a hair dresser.

When I did time in prison I would always tell people wanting to fight lets wait until everyone goes to lunch an we will fight in the brook closet where we can get away with it then they did not want to fight knowing no one could save them.

6 years ago

Demonocracy And Humane-rights In A Nutshell These same Shabbos Goyim fat-cats lecture the so called “third world countries” about Demonocracy and Humane-rights ‘Merican values stuff while they have worst human-rights conditions in their own Judeomasonic infested areas…. Ummm I mean “Goyim” Plantations. Freemasonry was another weakness in our societies for the Jews to take advantage of. Freemasonry is Judaism for “Gentiles”. When you have a section of the population who artificially puts itself higher than his keen and joins a “brotherhood” to, knowingly or unknowingly, serve his ultimate “Jewish masters” as the chosen pets of theirs (“Hi Mister Master, I’m a better Goyim than John Doe who’s not a Mason like me. Please accept me Master. I’ll build the Solomon Temple and destroy myself at… Read more »

6 years ago

Lol, here is a press release from about your altercation, Stephen.

“On April 27, 2016, at approximately 1740 hours, a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to The Walmart, Berlin, Maryland for a reported shoplifter. The Deputy identified the suspect as 48 year old Stephen James Rorke of Berlin, Maryland.

Walmart Asset Protection employees advised the Deputy that Mr. Rorke allegedly took merchandise without paying, he also fraudulently altered various other items.

Mr. Rourk was charged with Theft under $100 and released on a criminal citation. Further investigation for previous fraudulent purchases is being investigated. “

6 years ago

They murdered Edgar Steele in prison , Amazing that Ernst & Traficant survived a testament to their inner strength. RIP to all 3.
David Duke on the other hand most likely granted special staus.

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