Roundtable: Countering the Masters of Mass Manipulation (10-19-19)

Kyle talks about the manufactured uprisings around the world that are capitalizing on mass discontent and steering it into avenues that will never change things for the better. They then get into some shills, Sandy Hook Nose, drag demons, and Heathen Herbs.

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4 years ago

Anytime the media shows any sympathy towards some protests or uprising and heavily report on it, then that’s a dead give away that the whole thing is controlled and not sincere at the top. How to know when a protest is real? Take a look at what happened at the Great March of Return, the Palestinians were rightfully and peacefully protesting for the right to return to the land that was stolen from them by jewish terrorists and because of that, they were shot at and killed, there were tons of footages circulating on the internet showing unarmed Palestinians protesters including CHILDREN being shot to their death by jewish terrorists. israhell makes the Chinese look like nothing more than mean toddlers in kindergarden seeing how… Read more »

4 years ago

Robert Ransdell. The reason I think Ransdell could have been murdered are: [a] because he displayed White American leadership; and showed the courage to name the hostile [genetic psychopath?] race that has gained a tight grip of control over the USA. There is a dearth of White leadership that seems unnatural and suggests a methodical effort to detect likely leadership potential and thwart or neutralize it at an early stage. Ransdell seemed to have eluded detection and with the growth of the internet was able to have his message heard far beond his local area. He was in the prime of life and remained a potential threat to the hostile matrix of control. [b] The young woman, convicted of the crime, had attended or was… Read more »

Reply to  BrendanT
4 years ago

Thank you for the info. I am going to look more into this, but my gut says that he was murdered.

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