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10 years ago

Hail to Baby Aryan!

The Truth Will Out
10 years ago

Jim Goldstein, a true patriot leading the way!

Great show.

Watch out Sledge this bagel slinging Brooklyn host just might be stealing your Thursday spot one day…

10 years ago

He duh devil baby!

10 years ago

Slavs are majority of white people on the planet!
Our daughters are not being fucked by blacks and arabs!
In our countries we rule the streets!
We do not get beaten by non whites!
We do not bow down to minorities!
At the end,Slavs may save your litle “superior” ass from disappearing!

If that circumsized caller with a fag voice was a white man after all(and not a jew troll),he should think about what he said,and next time try to tell that same shit in a Slavs face!!

Great show Mike!

10 years ago

I’m pretty sure jews are still ruling your countries, also.

Reply to  BlutundBoden
10 years ago

Thats very true!Wich dont they rule?But still,as i said ,we rule the streets,and streets many times bring the power down!Sad enough that in the west isnt like that!

Reply to  Serb
10 years ago

It is very sad, so please do not rub it in. Respect for all white Northern Indo-European peoples is badly needed. Not denigration of whole racial/ethnic groups within the broader white European race. He sounded jewish to me. You are right to be proud and defend your people, I am only cautioning that in defending our own more specified groups we do not end up lowering ourselves to the attacker and defamer’s level. White power. White pride. White solidarity worldwide!

Reply to  BlutundBoden
10 years ago

NP,i am not rub in it!
I am just stating that people like this try to stear up shit and dividence!
We all are white but still very different and i have respect for every of my European brothers!
I want every European culture to survive and me as a Serbian Slav would be proud to help other Europeans in need!
Its a hell of a hard job to unite European nationalists and to prevent the conflicts from the past!
We are on a good way of acomplishing that,so all idiots who try to stear up shit should be called out immediately!

10 years ago

Watched the Pentagram jew documentary. Very surprised Robert Liebling’s father was a policy advisor to 8 secretaries of defense, even referred to as a “little Kissinger”.

The Truth Will Out
10 years ago

Jim Goldstein’s White Power Show

Please Do Not Adjust Your Sets

Some of you may be lamenting Mike Sledge’s no show for his [Thors]day spot, well he may be put out to the pasture soon, there’s a new leader of the white resistance radio movement coming to the fore.

That man is none other than Jim Goldstein, a true patriot (could probably trace his family history back to the Moses Red Sea foreskin hoopla challenge OyLympics), a man you can trust (his own rabbi will vouch for his honour), a leader among goy, one who knows his bagels that’s for sure!

WHITE POWER radio, an Oy Vey & Kvetch production.

10 years ago

What the heck is this? What is this a joke? Is this some thinly veiled attempt to bring self hating ju’s into the movement under the auspices of pretending to be a ju? This really makes us all look bad. Gravel throat needs something to ease that voice. Curtis Sliwa? CS is a spineless White male….just the way non whites like their Whites. Terrible.

Return of Tyr
10 years ago

Great show Jim/Mike! That e-cig 88 bit had me rolling! Keep on doing what you do.

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