West World: Rollie Quaid – Symbolic Breakdown of Sin City (10-10-17)

Bill speaks with Rollie about a number of topics related to the recent Vegas event, the founding of sin city by the mob, the jewish gangsters and their ways, the signs and symbols surrounding the staged story, transgender fighting, and much more.

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6 years ago

I just discovered that on September 30th British foreign secretary Boris Johnson was in Myanmar (Burma) and recited part of the colonial era poem named “Mandalay” about the city of Mandalay located in Burma. The ballet was created by the poet and Mason Rudyard Kipling.

I found this on the Daily Mail. I’m sure its just a just a coincident.

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Bill
6 years ago

Great show all. Yes, to my mind they are lining up Russian jew Bo-Jo to replace May in another staged theatrical coup d’ etat, here in Yidland. Do they want the bumbling eccentric Churchill-like puppet in place for the start of ww3?

PS the list of (((stars))) in residency at Vegas reads like the list of an MK workshop lol. Dion, Spears, Midler, Sultana, Carey, D&M Mormon, Prince, John, Meatoaf, Stewart, Guns n’ poses. All earning a golden thank you from the tribe, for their years of loyal service. Rat-pack indeed!

Ghost Man O\' War
6 years ago

Kyle and Sinny, dig this, you can have it read to you for massive convenience sake so while you’re doing chores or resting you can hands free soak up all this info. This is from Outline of the J conspiracy I would like to debate Christopher Bjerkness of the authenticity of A.H. I’ve just read tooooo much on the subject from too many authors, officers, editors of the day, soldiers, witnesses, office workers, business owners of that era. Even the book, not the speech but the book, Pawns in the game said that A.H. was having assassination attempts due to twisting off on those who wanted it “all”. As it has played out, he was the real deal. I have quotes from Schapf talking to… Read more »

6 years ago

The fires in California and elsewhere might be deliberately lit but the motives probably aren’t political. There’s quite a few fire bugs out there that get off on the damage they can cause with just a match.

6 years ago

Yeah Joe Biden you Zionist tool. Thats the only source of your power. It just proves that non whites are just low IQ human garbage. I find it hilarious that American Blacks support multiculturalism when the are the least competitive race in the U.S. and are going to be marginalized to extinction in the West.

Reply to  Seamustheman
6 years ago

American Blacks would do best to consider how other non-White races treat them if they want to support diversity. Should the goal of diversity, which is White genocide, succeed that’s all they’ll be left to deal with. They’ll be of little use to Jews then and the Mexicans and Asians aren’t going to care for them. As you mentioned they won’t be able to compete.

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