Never So Defiant And Proud: Path Of The Renegade (2-27-18)

Chris H did a live show to talk about what it is like to be a Renegade Host. Chris spoke about his process in coming across Renegade and eventually coming onboard, also how getting a show together every week was hard when trying to do pre-records and lining up guests. The problem with Baby Boomers and other short circuited “truths”, How Renegade is the answer and how having a refined inner truth within yourself and not compromising is essential.

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6 years ago

Host seems to be very depressed about apathy among general population or apathy even in so called WN community. However you can’t force somebody to change by just doing internet talk show, only person you can change is yourself. Those, who are inspired from that change, might follow an example or may not. You can’t think too much about others, you don’t even know them, don’t know their life situations. And I am talking in general. Usually there is only two things, that forces people to change; losing of their comfort zones and losing means of survival. Russian revolution in 1917 started not because people had enough of “czar’s tyranny”, but because of enormous losses (both soldiers and territory) in WW1 due to incompetence of… Read more »

Chris H
Reply to  Bill33
6 years ago

Your comment pretty much points out what I actually said and then ..seems.. to suggest I was saying the opposite. Not sure why you would have to point out “However you can’t force somebody to change by just doing internet talk show, only person you can change is yourself.” as if I suggested I wanted to force people to change. I only want people to get more focused in the right direction. I don’t think I even slightly mentioned the idea of people being forced awake, infact quite the opposite. I don’t have the time to listen to it back though, perhaps it did come across completely differently than I remember. I was very tired. Some people must comment after 10 minutes of a show… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Renegade is so effective because of its simple message: anti jew and their politics; anti judeo-christardness; anti degenerate. No confusion and the perfect antidote to all this manufactured filth. The jews and their agents have no comeback to that.

Bill is correct in that people are comfortable; but like all things jewish, it is not real or a wholesome feeling. A bit like their junk food. I think more of our people will chip-in eventually, when the penny drops. You just have to hang in there Chris. You hosts and contributors are doing a great job for our folk.

Chris H
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

I just need people to turn up and be on form if they say they are up for pre-recording a show with me, because otherwise the week goes by and I am left putting something together last minute. This week even the putting together last minute failed. ps thanks.

Devin C.
5 years ago

I really enjoyed the show Chris. Stay positive brother, demoralization is the jew’s favorite tactic against Aryans. We appreciate your dedication and it’s nice at the end of the day to be ale to listen to your broadcast.

If I may, some constructive criticism; it seems you have some intermittent delay or, for lack of better terminology, hiccups in your connection or something, just an FYI. I’m sure you’re aware, though it may turn some people off.

Keep up the great work man, you and Renegade are vital to getting this movement on the road. I too plan on becoming more active with Renegade when life settles down over the summer, would love to call in sometime.

Chris H
Reply to  Devin C.
5 years ago

Yes one more reason among many I am trying to get pre-records done. My connection is not great at times. Thanks for pointing out there were connection issues during the show in a polite manner, I don’t have the time to listen to it back right now.

5 years ago

As I posted at Return of Kings, stripping the Europoids of both a community and a set of well defined norms and values, and then pitting criminals from well defined communities against the Europoids, goes to show how evil Racial Marxism really is.

Besides, what’s the use of having farmland or starting a new life if you don’t want to improve your moral quality?

Reply to  Esther Bunny Brown
5 years ago

ROK? You know that the guy who runs it, Roosh, is a non-White rapist of White women, right?

Labour Unit
5 years ago

I am experiencing the full xtent of the spoils of the “good war”. I am fucking livid at the moment, and all there will be is wall to wall rant at setting 11. Sorry for the black out but I hope I can bring it into something constructive other than just opinion. Life gets in the way and I have to let the guillotine fall even if it may generate casualties.

5 years ago

The nigra was BROUGHT in. From where I have no idea, but it is the same story with Sweden in 20 years time when everyone will have forgotten and everyone will be black. Then the nigra will claim that they were the original Swede mu’fukka!

5 years ago

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