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Kyle goes solo to discuss some recent events, such as solar storms, masks, jabs, semitic shilling, predatory perversity, and more.

Kyle talks about the latest anti-White stories, covid BS, environmental issues, and health.

Kyle talks about how trannies are being pushed hard so that mutilate their sex organs, children kill themselves or become infertile, and pose absolutely no threat to the system.

Kyle talks about how White people are being blamed for everything, including anti-Asian violence.

Charlie talks about his future plans, covers current events, and takes calls. Email: truthhertzradio@aol.com

Charlies talks about his failing eyesight, takes callers, and gets into the current craziness in the headlines.

Charlie goes through many instances of how the tribe murders whole ruling families in order to achieve their objectives. He also covers current events.

Charlie talks about the history of the necronomicon and how people today are being abused like lab rats in a malicious experiment.

Charlie talks about the teachings of Paul and how jews and gentiles were supposed to become one in Christ Jesus, and how if people want to be “real Christians” then they should be meeting in synagogues. He also talks about a number of quotes outside of the Bible.

Charlie does some good old Bible bashing, showing Christianity to be a tool of subverting “Gentiles” and turning them into insurrectionists.

Charlie talks about how Einstein plagiarized and got lots of things wrong. The real facts are hidden from us.

Kyle has the latest intel from jewAnon, detailing how Biden is going to topple our enemies and restore order to America. Big bombshells. BOOM!

Charlie talks about the commercial ventures of Edison and how he went up against Tesla in the current war. He then opens up the call in lines and keeps up with current events.

Charlie goes through some headlines, dealing with the current craziness as we await a tumultuous inauguration this dark winter.

Kyle talks about the latest news regarding COVID, anti-Whitism, and the lockdown on free speech.

Charlie talks about the Cicada 3301 operation and then gets into some of headlines.

Charlie takes some callers, discusses the outreach about Covid19propaganda.com, and then discusses the big PsyOps unfolding with the MAGA rebellion.

Charlie talks about how the common idea that animals are soulless automatons is absolutely incorrect, providing numerous examples. He takes calls too.

Charlie talks about what is going on in our present predicament and takes some calls.

Kyle talks about recent news stories related to the unfolding alien “disclosure” taking place and talks about how it all ties into the “pandemic.”

Charlie does the last show of 2020 by talking about how the teachings of the Bible relate to our situation today.

Charlie talks about current events regarding vaccinations and the dark future they have planned for us.

Charlie talks about how circumcision was promoted as a way to prevent HIV and save lives, and connects it to Fauci’s current scamdemic.

Charlie talks about what’s happening with the new strain of tyranny in our world and takes some calls.

Kyle talks about the push to shut Florida down, social media shutting down anything critical of the vaxx, massive funding of anti-White terrorists, woke re-naming, and ADL’s position on Antifa.


Charlie talks about the Jerusalem AIDS Project and the larger scam of HIV/AIDS.

Charlie talks about the latest developments in the parasitic plan to shut everything down and shut us up.

Kyle talks about how masks are making people sick, the vaccines will make everyone sicker, and it is all by design.

Kyle covers some recent news stories about COVID hospitalizations, vaccine bioweapons, anti-White attacks, and more.

Truth Hertz –

Charlie talks about how the first US Secretary of Defense was killed after he became problematic to the establishment.

Charlie gives updates on the COVID conspiracy and how this is just the latest manifestation of kosher poisoning.

Kyle talks about how our “rulers” are telling us to do things that they do not even do themselves, since they consider themselves to be exempt as our betters. He then gets into the crime of mask mandates.

Charlie continues with his breakdown of the actions and teachings of Jesus, which reveal his true nature.

Charlie talks about the news regarding the political circus, vaccines, lockdowns, and the rest. He takes some callers.

Kyle reads Marcus Eli Ravage’s “A Real Case Against the Jews,” which explains how judeo-Christianty has been the real jew coup.

Charlie goes through the evidence proving Jesus, if he even existed at all, was a complete jew.

Charlie covers the headlines of the day and how things are getting worse by the day, although a backlash is building.

Charlie gets into his proof that Yahweh is a psychopath who turns his followers into screwed up sheep.

Charlie talks about Covid19Propaganda.com and the terrible fake news that bombards us on a daily basis.

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